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It's completely free - No Strings attached! No Credit Cards are ever required.


Proxbee is the perfect companion for meeting new people in any location.

From the initial search of finding interesting locals to the anticipated face-to-face meet up, Proxbee is right there with you at every step to help make this new-age way of socializing buzzworthy.



Hides your exact location so you are free to chat and get to know people before you decide to meet.


Proxbee will alert you when other Proxbee members enter the Proximity distance you set.


With Proxbee you can record an unique voice message that any other Proxbee Members can play to learn more about you and what you are like.


See someone interesting, no need to leave Proxbee to start communicating. The In-App Chat services allow you to get to know each other and still keep your anonymity.


Access your camera direct from Proxbee makes taking new pics easy-just snap, select and post. When your new pics are approved, your new pics are live!


Finding your friends has never been easier. Proxbee was designed to take the guesswork out of finding the people closest to you even in a crowd.

Proxbee Benefits

Friendly ( UI ) User Interface

Proxbee is designed to be simple and easy to use.

Cold Approaches are a thing of the past

Proxbee was designed to help minimize approach anxiety and makes meeting new people easy. It eliminates the face-to-face fear of rejection. if you see someone who interests you at a store, a mall or even a club, Proxbee will help you to know if there is a mutual Interest before you meet in person.

Increase your dating opportunities

Going somewhere? You can see in advance if members of Proxbee are already there. Lonely? Proxbee can help find and make new friends to talk to, so you can see if you share any interests or connections.

Expand your social circle

Find like-minded people based on age, religion, ethnicity and more. The opportunities are endless to meet the type of people you are searching for.

Proxbee is a location-based app

Proxbee focuses on introducing you to people around your vicinity. Once you’ve found someone that wants to mutually meet up, Proxbee’s built-in directional system (Proxmode) will route and easily guide both of you to each other.

Proxbee also offers a safe mode that can be turned on or off at any time and will keep your location hidden as you communicate with others.